Katie Golobic Film Photographer
cedar rapids, iowa

About the Artist

Katie Golobic Bio


My work centers on my roots in Cedar Rapids, IA and our travel pursuits across the country. I am currently exploring personal projects in the realm of black & white documentary work of our chaotic home life and seeking out calm, serene colorful vistas to balance the chaos of our everyday. The bulk of my work is done on vintage film cameras in both medium format and 35mm film, however I’m also exploring photo journalistic projects on a Leica M10 as well. Authentic storytelling is paramount to my vision of sharing what I see every day. Nothing is ever added or subtracted from my images. What you see is what you get. The “imitationalism” of real life elements representing art. As a wife and mom of three children, I am often seeking order and calm in the tornado of our family’s life. From school pick ups, childhood items left on the stairs, dogs eating off the kitchen counter, and forgetting to get milk from the grocery store, I juxtapose both leaning into the fray and seeking quiet peace. My use of both contrasting black and white images and soothing warm color palates highlights this vision of creating minimalist and welcoming compositions to give the viewer a sense of balance of seeing both chaos and calm.