Frequently Asked Questions


What is your photography style?

I am a natural-light story-telling photographer. This means you won't find me in a studio shooting with strobe lights and asking subjects to give a nice pose to the camera. Instead, I much prefer to capture the love and connections between family members. If you are looking for formal studio sessions, I am not your gal. Sure, we will do a few photographs where I ask everyone to look at the camera, but I much prefer to see the giggles between siblings as they make jokes, or mom and dad chasing their kids through the yard to give a tickle. These are the memories I want to preserve for you. How life feels at this very moment with the ones you love. 

Ok! So I'm in! What's next? 

Once you decide I'm the right person to tell your story, please contact me with the type of session you would like. I will then send you a small, but important questionnaire. This will help us collaborate together that perfect photo session. I'll ask things like: location (indoors, at your house, outside, on location, etc.), a small description of your family members unique personalities (especially for those little ones, what do they like to do? what makes them laugh? what elicits their most pure emotions?), together we will brainstorm and outline the session and I'll have you sign our session contract to secure your session. 

**Please note that Lifestyle Newborn sessions should be scheduled within the first 2-3 weeks of your newborns life. We want to capture those first few days as baby and family transitions to life at home :) 

Do I get digital files...?

Yes and yes! :) I include nearly all of the edited photos to your personal gallery. This means you are not restricted or required to select and purchase only certain number of digitals or prints. Please, please, PLEASE print your photographs once you receive them! I will send a release and I have several professional-quality companies that I recommend for printing. This information  will be found in your contract & information packet. If you would like more help with this or have questions regarding printing please contact me. 

What do I wear?!

Keeping with the lifestyle/documentary way that I photograph, please select something that's comfortable and authentically you. Everyone doesn't need to match or even wear the same colors. However, it does help to have 2-3 coordinating colors that everyone selects and wears during our sessions. Keep it simple. Once you book a session, I'm more than happy to help offer suggestions or review any of your "Pinterest" ideas for colors/outfits. Our main goal is to have you wear something that you feel amazing in and that truly represents you. 

**Please note, while it's very tempting to dress small children in "nicer" clothes in bigger sizes than they currently are in (so they last a bit longer through the next season), I would recommend dressing them in clothing that perfectly fits them at this present time. If they are wearing a layer such as a sweater or jacket, this is especially crucial so they don't appear to be drowning in their clothes. Please contact me with any clothing questions once you book your session :)

When will I get my photos?

I will send you a direct link to a protected, online Dropbox gallery of your images within 2-3 weeks of your session.

Note: At the time of contract signing, I will ask if you wish to have any featured in any of my online social media profiles (website, Instagram, Facebook). Some photos may be available (prior to the entire gallery) for a special "sneak peak" on various social media platforms. I will not post any sneak peaks or gallery previews without your signed permission first.