Katie Golobic Film Photographer
cedar rapids, iowa


Frequently Asked Questions


What is your photography style?

Authenticity. Regardless of the type of session my goal is always to have you walk away feeling like I captured your family and your moments in a truly authentic way. I want to preserve the memories of how life feels at this very moment with the ones you love so that they will be treasured in your homes and with your families for generations to come. I have a strong emphasis in capturing, pure, real and authentic moments, particularly in my documentary work.  Documentary sessions involve absolutely zero direction or posing by myself. Embrace the idea that perfection is overrated!  (Intrigued by my documentary offering but not sure if it’s the right fit? Contact me to chat more about my favorite new offering!)

Ok! So I'm in! What's next? 

Once you decide I'm the right person to tell your story, please contact me with the type of session you would like. I will then send you a small, but important questionnaire. This will help us collaborate together that perfect photo session. I'll ask things like: location (I LOVE TRAVEL! Please note that sessions further than 30 miles from Cedar Rapids, IA will require a travel fee), a small description of your family members unique personalities (especially for those little ones, what do they like to do? what makes them laugh? what elicits their most pure emotions?), together we will brainstorm and outline the session and I'll have you sign our session contract with session deposit to secure your session. 

**Ideally, Lifestyle Newborn and Studio sessions should be scheduled within the first 2-3 weeks of your newborns life. We want to capture those first few days as baby and family transitions to life at home.  

Can I have the digital files?

My product packages are designed to give you the final choice in the highest quality of my work for your family's keepsakes. In today's digital world, many photos sit on computers and hard drives rarely to be taken out. You and your family should proudly be displayed in a way that feels authentic to you (from fine art wall prints to archival-quality albums that can be passed from generation to generation). Simply put, I hate for these wonderful memories to sit on a hard drive on your computer.  My products include fine art wall prints, albums and photo boxes.

Digital files can be purchased ala carte or as part of a package. Please inquire for pricing. 

What do I wear?!

Please select something that's comfortable and authentically you. If you are selecting a documentary session, clothing should be similar to your family’s “every day.” (A pdf of Session guidelines will be included in your Client Welcome Guide to further prepare you) Everyone doesn't need to match or even wear the same colors. However, it does help to have 2-3 coordinating colors that everyone selects and wears during our sessions if you are selecting a lifestyle session. Keep it simple. Once you book a session, I'm more than happy to help offer suggestions or review any of your "Pinterest" ideas for colors/outfits. Our main goal is to have you wear something that you feel amazing in and that truly represents you. 

**Please note, while it's very tempting to dress small children in "nicer" clothes in bigger sizes than they currently are in (so they last a bit longer through the next season), I would recommend dressing them in clothing that perfectly fits them at this present time. If they are wearing a layer such as a sweater or jacket, this is especially crucial so they don't appear to be drowning in their clothes. Please contact me with any clothing questions once you book your session :)

When will I get my photos?

Please allow up to  3-4 weeks for proof galleries to be ready. Once they are, I will send you a direct link to a protected, online gallery of your images for review both artisan gallery and full galleries. . Galleries should be reviewed within 10-14 days so that you can make proper selections that fit your needs. From there, final touches will be made and you can expect your final products shortly after. 

Note: At the time of contract signing, I will ask if you wish to have any featured in any of my online social media profiles (website, Instagram, Facebook). Some photos may be available (prior to the entire gallery) for a special "sneak peak" on various social media platforms. I will not post any sneak peaks or gallery previews without your signed permission first.